About ROS

The engineer Hansgeorg Röbe-Oltmanns has founded the company ROS in 1991 in order to support industrial companies with intelligent electronic solutions regarding stepping motors and stepping motor controllers.

The previous three very successful stepping motor controllers STEPPER1, STEPPER8 and Ministep did a reliable job in the recent years and led to significant cost reductions for our customers. Because of their high quality they were part of some world leading custom systems.


Supporting your project "step by step"

ROS supports you and your project "step by step" from the start to testing and certification up to the series production. We only use reliable hardware that will be available for many years. This ensures that your industrial application will work trouble-free for a long time.

ROS developes prototypes by integrating the innovative controllers of the Smartstep-Family. These prototypes can be used for testing and developing your device very easily. Therefore our "ready-to-use" software solution PSC (Personal Stepper Controller) can be a great help. The included DLLs can be integrated into your own software applications if needed. After that ROS will take care for the series production and will be responsible for the quality testing.

Our specialty: "Tailor-made controller systems"

You have to develop a device and you need a special controller? This is our specialty! For smaller quantities, this can be realized very quickly by using our standard stepping motor controllers and possibly some parts usual in trade.

For larger quantities, usually an individual design is necessary. In many cases the electronic components should be installed on a single circuit board. This is convenient, saves costs and the wiring is much easier.

You need power supplies, control panels, displays, interfaces, sensor connections, and perhaps one or more stepping motors? We install these components on a circuit board for you according to your specifications (for example environmental requirements and dimensions).

Step-by-step through all nessesary tests

On request we lead your device through all necessary tests, such as safety tests and electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC). We work closely together with our longstanding partners in the test laboratories. Our experience in the design and procurement of electronic components assures a prompt delivery and long-term availability. Our discreet and professional approach of course includes an appropriate confidentiality agreement.

Stepping motor controllers of the latest generation

ROS proudly presents the latest generation of stepping motor controllers: SmartStep-1K-BP, SmartStep-1K-LP/HP and SmartStep-3K-LP/HP with extensive accessories.



On these intelligent controllers of the latest generation, control unit and power unit are on the same circuit board. Stepper-1K-BP can be mounted directly on the back of the stepping motor (Backpack). With SmartStep-3K-LP / HP up to 3 stepping motors can be connected.


Personal Stepper Controller (PSC)

The reliable, sophisticated and permanently improved controller software application PSC (Personal Stepper Controller) is very easy and intuitive to use.


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We look forward leading your project step-by-step to success!

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