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Stepper-1K-BP is a versatile stepping motor controller of the latest generation and can be utilized for the following purposes:
  • positioning
  • driving
  • conveying
  • dosing



  • food industry
  • medical technology
  • biotechnology
  • printing machines
  • test stands
  • semiconductor production
  • and many applications more!

The control unit and the power unit are assembled on the same circuit board. The stepping motor can be connected directly to this controller.

Our software solution PSC (Personal Stepper Controller) is always included. With PSC you are able to build individual applications on a graphic interface by inserting functional boxes. On request, we can do this for you.

Due to its small size, the SmartStep-1K-BP can be mounted directly on the back of the stepping motor ("BackPack") .

RoHS,CE, circuitboard conforms to UL


Technical Data SmartStep-1K-BP



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